May 31 – Anniversary

Wow! Mona and Gerry, you sure know how to celebrate an anniversary. What an terrific afternoon. We hope you enjoyed the oyster bar. It was nice to see everyone and also celebrate Tom’s birthday. ¬†You had my 92 year old Dad dancing. I love you guys!

May 29th – Wedding

Thanks to Kati for booking The Hip Pocket for your wedding. We had a chance to visit with other people we have played for and enjoy your company for the evening. Tony, You’re the man! Congrats on 18 years! Thanks again Kati, love from us all.

3/21/15 Billy’s

Once again our Billy’s crowd delivers. It’s always great to see everyone at Billy’s, fans and staff. I have to say this is one of my favorite places to play period.

3/14/15 The BOB

It’s always nice to play at the BOB, especially when there is a St. Patty’s Day Party. From what I understand it was a very big day for everyone who participated. I think my Guinness hat put the gig over the top.

2/21/15 Billy’s

Thanks to everyone who came out to Billy’s for another great night. Thanks to all who stood in line outside waiting to get in. There’s nothing like a Hip Pocket crowd! Thanks!


Congratulations to Paul and Debbie regarding their wedding 1/31/15. What a good group of people. We hope you had as much fun as we did. It sure looked like it.

1/24/15 St. John’s Vianney

What a great fund raiser and group of people. It sounds like they’re going to plan another event for next year. Check them out if you’re interested and thanks to Johnny Noto’s for hosting the event.

1/17/15 Billy’s

We had a rockin’ great time at Billy’s 1/17/15. Thanks to everyone who came out and enjoyed themselves. Cheers to everyone who came out for a refreshing adult beverage.