9/10/2016 St John’s Vianney

If you missed this event you missed something. St John’s Vianney has a terrific fund raiser. Terrific people to work with. Beer tent, food, kids games and of course dancing. Mark it down for next year on your calendar!

8/13/16 Wedding – Kent Country Club

Every so often we get to play for previous customers and it’s always a pleasure. This was one of those events and a very special customer. Such good people. Congrats JamesĀ and your new bride. And of course thanksĀ Fred, you are the best!

8/6/16 Wedding

We had to opportunity to play for another of my niece’s weddings. It’s always special for me when they ask if the band will play. Congratulations Michale and Addie!

7/16/16 Billy’s

It was another fun evening at Billy’s. Special thanks to Jim Hayward for playing with us, Mike Truszkowski for stepping in and it’s always nice to hang with Jennifer Ederer, our previous female singer. Thanks to all our friends who came out!